Requesting an All-Campus Election

Utilizing the All-Campus Election Commission

Any registered student group, college board, or recognized student government association can facilitate their elections or referenda through the All-Campus Elections Commission. By utilizing the Commission for your elections, you promise to those affected by your group that their voice matters, and that their leadership represents them. By requesting a referendum, you show the opinions of the student body to the campus community.

The Commission ensures open, fair, and professional elections for all students and all members of your organization. The Commission facilitates and promotes all-campus elections from an enthusiastic and neutral standing.

If you have questions about the Commission facilitating your election or referenda, please contact the Commission at

Referenda Requests

ACEC is no longer accepting 2019 referenda requests.

Referenda are statements requested by a registered student group that, if passed through the Election Rules, represent an opinion of the student body. Voters vote either in favor or against a referendum, and the language of the referendum must be formatted to reflect this choice.

Passed referenda are not binding decisions on behalf of the University of Minnesota.

Any registered student group at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities may request that a referendum be placed on the all-campus elections ballot. The Commission uses a request form that gathers the language of the referendum, which group is sponsoring it, and who can vote for or against the referendum.

Contact for more details.

See Chapter 3 of the 2019 rules for more information.

Steps for Referendum Request

  1. Complete and submit the Referendum Request Form, linked here:
  2. The Organization Commissioner will reach out to the form submitter to discuss further about the referendum. They will establish a primary contact for your student group. The Commissioner may also have you revise the language of the referendum for clarity. Remember that referenda must be a single, yes-no question that address one topic.
  3. Once your group has met with the Organization Commission (MUST BE COMPLETED BY FEBUARY 10TH, 11:39PM), the Commission will give you a signature endorsement form. You must collect 400 signatures from currently-enrolled U of M students (name, Internet ID, signature, date) and return them to the Commission ON OR BEFORE FEB 22nd AT 4:30PM.
  4. Once your group has received confirmation from the Commission, you may begin campaigning. Your referendum will appear on the ballot.

All-Campus Referendum Open Forum

Once a referendum is confirmed to be on the ballot, the referendum sponsor must send at least two officers, or designees, to an open forum hosted by ACEC for the public to discuss the referendum. The Commission will determine logistics with the referendum sponsor, and will promote the event no later than one week before Voting opens.

If a referendum sponsor does not attend, all referenda sponsored by the group will not appear on the ballot.

This year's forum will be held on Friday, March 8th in Blegen 250. Time TBD.

Voting Requests

ACEC is no longer accepting voting requests for the 2018-19 school year. Please contact for student group officer elections.

As the starting point for your election, the Commission uses a voting request form to collect information about how you want to facilitate your election. The request includes information about what positions are available, who your voters are, who is eligible to run in your elections, how votes should be tallied and how ties should be broken, and any additional processes you have for your elections.

Contact the Commission at for more details.

See Chapter 2 of the 2019 Rules for more information.

Steps for Voting Request

1. Contact for details. ACEC will discuss with you what your voting request will look like.

2. The Organizational Liaison Commissioner will reach out to you to schedule a meeting to discuss your voting request and any events the Commission may host in coordination with you.

Please bring to this meeting:

      • A copy of your group’s constitution and by-laws
    • One member of your organization who can serve as a true-neutral (i.e., not running for election, no perceived or actual conflict of interest) representative to the Commission; this will be your group’s elections representative
    • Your group’s membership officer

3. After the meeting, the Commission will set up all the necessary forms and documents for your election. The Organizational Liaison Commissioner will confirm with your group’s membership officer and elections representative.