Information for Candidates

Candidate Filing is how the Campus Election Team determines the eligibility of people who want to run for office, and how candidates formally declare their intent to run.

Candidates must file with and be certified by the Campus Elections Team before they begin any campaign activities. 

A list of positions available for election with eligibility requirements is provided on this page. 

Candidate Filing Opens On January 20, 2023

Positions Available for Election

Positions Available for Election Information

The Campus Elections canvas course is required for all candidates. The canvas course goes over rules, financial information, the complaint process, and more. The canvas course opens on January 20 and closes on February 13. 

To sign up for the canvas course please visit:

Once the canvas course is completed, candidates are able to file to become a certified candidate.


Campaigning is a central part to all-campus elections; the campus needs to know who candidates are and what their platform is. Campus Elections has regulations on campaigning to ensure an open, fair, and professional election. To better understand the campaigning process and guidelines all candidates are expected to know the 2023 Election Rules and are required to complete the Campus Elections canvas course (see above).

Our number one request with campaigning activities: Keep it Professional, Keep it Positive.

Throughout the elections process, candidates must keep track of all campaign expenditures and revenue-sources (from the candidate and from all campaigning groups on behalf of the candidate) in a ledger supplied by The Campus Elections Team. Within three (3) business days after voting ends, all candidates must submit this ledger to The Campus Elections Team via the financial statement form. The Campus Elections Team may ask for all receipts for expenditures and revenue-sources from candidates. 

Exceeding these limits or failing to submit the financial statement may result in a candidate's disqualification from the election and ineligibility to assume office. 

Financial Disclosure Form

The 2023 financial disclosure form is due for all candidates on March 29, by 4 pm. If you have any questions, please contact

Write-in Candidates

Write in options may be present for any election, and will always be present if the number of candidates for a particular election is less than the number of open seats. Write-in Candidates are subject to the same campaigning rules as candidates who file with the Campus Elections Team. Write-in candidates must also satisfy the eligibility requirements as determined by the organization utilizing Campus Elections. 

In order for write-in votes to be valid, the voter must include the full name and the full Internet ID of the write-in candidate. 

Example: Any O. Candidate (