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All students at the University of Minnesota have the opportunity to govern the university. As an undergraduate, graduate, or professional student, you have the chance to affect real, tangible change at the University and in its diverse communities.

All-campus elections affect the lives of thousands of students. You are the most important person in this election: the voter.

Let your voice be heard!


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About the Organizations

Minnesota Student Organization (MSA)

MSA is the undergraduate student government at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. They advocate student interests to the Board of Regents, University administration, legislators, and more.

Council of Graduate Students (GOGS)

COGS is the student organization that represents, advocates for, informs, facilitates communications among, and supports all graduate students.

Professional Student Government (PSG)

PSG is the student government that represents professional students at the University of Minnesota. They strive to advocate important issues of professional students at all levels: collegiate, University, city, state, and national.

The Student Senate

The Student Senate is the University of Minnesota's internal governing body that represents all students across the five U of M campuses. The Senate works to ensure a student voice in system-wide University decisions of policy and process.

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