File a Complaint

What is a Complaint?

A Complaint is a detailed report to the Commission from any individual detailing possible violation(s) of the Election Rules. The All-Campus Elections Commission values the feedback it receives from the campus community.

Complaints exist to help the Commission and the campus community maintain an open, fair, and professional elections process.

Complaints Review Process

Below is the generic flowchart of the review process.

Refer to the Election Rules - Chapter 7 for more details.

What are Points?

Please see Chapter 7 of the Election Rules for exact details.

The Commission uses a point system to consistently and equally apply sanctions for confirmed rule violations. Each referendum sponsor, candidate, or candidate-pair (e.g., President / Vice-President tickets) begin the election with 10 points. The Commission may remove points once they confirm rule violations have occurred (at a more-likely-than-not burden of proof, see Election Rule 7.04b). If a candidate or candidate-pair loses all 10 points, they are disqualified from the election and/or may not assume office. If a referendum sponsor loses all 10 points, their requested referenda shall not appear on the All-Campus Elections ballot.

The Commission uses Appendix A and the point ranges there are listed there to remove points; Appendix A is NOT exhaustive.