Election Results

2018 All Campus Elections Results

All election results have been posted.

All Campus Elections - Official Results

Update from the Commission:

March 11, 2018 at 2:08pm

All election results have been posted to the spreadsheet above. Thank you for your patience while we tallied the vote totals. Five Student Senate seats will require run-off elections: School of Nursing, CEHD Graduate, CEHD Undergrad, CLA Graduate, and CSOM Graduate. These run-off elections will occur March 20-21.

March 8, 2018 at 6:15pm

The All Campus Elections Commission thanks everyone who participated in the all campus elections process this week. We appreciate your engagement and interest in the University's student governance.

Results of election races for the Minnesota Student Association, Council of Graduate Students, and seats for the Student Senate will be posted after 8pm tonight (Thursday, March 8).

However, results for three ballot races and the referendum that was included on the ballot are not available at this time. Due to a technical difficulty, some professional students were not originally included as eligible voters. We apologize for this error and as a result, the following ballot races will be available to those professional students through Saturday, March 10 at 8pm:

  • Professional Student Government elections
  • School of Medicine Student Senate seat
  • College of Pharmacy Student Senate seat
  • Referendum that was included on the ballot

The results of the above races will be made public no later than Noon on Sunday, March 11. We appreciate everyone's patience with these results. We will also send an email with the results to this same group on Monday, March 12.

How does the Commission certify the results?

Election Rule 6.07 determines the certification process. The All Campus Elections Commission begins to certify the vote once the polls close, but ACEC does not publish results until 24 hours after the polls close. The Commission examines the voting results; ensures the eligibility of candidates, any write-in candidates, and the voters; identifies any technical difficulties with the vote and addresses those difficulties; and notifies the appropriate organizations of the results.