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Who is the All Campus Elections Commission?

The All Campus Elections Commission (ACEC) is a student group advised by Student Union and Activities, and is responsible for conducting campus-wide elections at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. The Commission formulates, disseminates, and interprets annual All-Campus Election Rules that govern all-campus elections. The Commission also sponsors several events for candidates such as debates, town halls, and information sessions, and events for the student public to increase participation in elections.

Any registered student group, college board, or recognized student government body may facilitate elections through ACEC.

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All Campus Elections Commission

All Campus Elections Timeline


All-Campus Elections Rules

Guiding Principles of the Election Rules

The All-Campus Elections Commission is committed to creating open, fair, and professional elections for all students at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. In recognition of the potential for personal and professional development, the Election Rules are designed to create a positive and formative culture around all-campus election. They are intended to protect the rights and opportunities of candidates, campaign volunteers, voters, commissioners, and all other students to engage with the all-campus elections in their own unique ways. The interpretation of the Election Rules is intended to reflect this vision. Because of this vision and ACEC's commitment to this positive and formative culture, the Election Rules apply to all who interact with all-campus elections whether the interaction on-campus, off-campus, or online.

The Election Rules below are for the 2017-18 school year. A new set of Election Rules will be released in December.

All-Campus Election Rules 17-18.docx

All-Campus Elections Constitution

The Constitution below is for the 2018-19 school year.

369 All Campus Elections Commission 111518.pdf